A trip to the dry-cleaners every time you want to wash your silk is not the most convenient option. So we have listened to your feedback and taken it on-board.

We have developed our own fabric; a vegan, silk alternative. It offers the same, incredible qualities as silk but is a lot easier to care for (and it’s cruelty free, of course). 

Silk can be a fairly high-maintenance fabric to look after, which is another reason we decided to make the switch. When it comes to looking after your vegan silk camisole or slip dress, there are a few things you should know. These simple steps should take away any anxiety you have about washing your garment. It really isn’t as tricky to look after as you might think and we aim to make luxury fashion convenient for everyone. 

How to wash vegan silk clothes

You may choose to wash your vegan silk garment by hand, but you can also pop it in the washing machine. Always separate your silks and don’t wash this material with any heavy fabrics such as jeans. You might also want to separate your loads into similar colours to prevent any colour changes from the dye bleeding. If you’ve got a mesh bag, we suggest popping it in that to protect your camisole or slip dress even further. 

Add silk wash or delicate detergent to your machine and select the shortest spin cycle available. Make sure you wash at a low temperature too, around 30 degrees.

Fun fact: Washing a single delicate piece in a washing machine alone can actually damage it. Washing machines are designed to batch clean clothes, and their waterflow and power are too strong for a single piece. Make sure you wash your delicates together to prolong their life cycle.

How to dry your vegan silk garment

After the wash, hang up your garment or lay on a flat surface to avoid creasing. It is recommended that you do not tumble dry this fabric as the high temperature could damage it or fade the colour. Also, avoid drying your garments in direct sunlight as this could have the same effect. 

How to care for vegan silk after washing

If you want to iron out any creases after washing, ensure the fabric is completely dry. Turn the garment inside out and turn your iron to a very low temperature. We suggest placing a cloth between the silk and the iron to avoid burning the fabric and keep it completely dry. Alternatively, use a steamer but make sure it is kept a few cm away from the fabric. 

Once you’re happy with the outcome, hang your silk garments in a cool dry place. 

Happy styling! 

April 26, 2021 — Clare Lichfield